Nitrogen Services

  • Consultation for audit and recommendations for your current systems
    This is a broad category where the company possesses knowledge of the entirety of a compressed air and nitrogen system and can offer a wide variety of technical assistance.Example 1.Nitrogen system failed. OEM could not determine the cause of failure. Flowe Nitrogen was called in and the problem was identified quickly and the remedy put in place to avoid repeating the problem.Example 2. Customer expanding their production, using newly designed equipment that changed the volume of nitrogen needed. This required a redesign of their air and nitrogen piping and storage systems. Flowe Nitrogen made those recommendations to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Contract Services
    We have been called in to make various upgrade, redesign and repairs to nitrogen systems that were having problems, expansion needed, purity changes needed, etc. We have been contracted by OEMs, Distributors, and End Users.Maintenance Contracts – See PM Services
  • Recommendation & Sales of equipment
    Flowe Nitrogen possesses the knowledge gained over a 30+ years to be able to assist companies in making the best possible decisions on the type equipment they should purchase for their unique application and special needs.We can be contracted to collect and evaluate bids for equipment for larger projects.If customer desires for Flowe Nitrogen to take an active role in providing the equipment, we can do this as well.
  • System design
    You are purchasing a system, not just a compressor and a nitrogen generator. Flowe Nitrogen has 30+ years of providing complete system design. Whether your application requires high purity, high pressure where boosters are required, is event driven, or whatever the flow characteristics you need, we can provide you with a professional solution.
  • Application engineering
    This is very much about listening to what you want to accomplish and our applying the right equipment to best meet your needs.
  • Commissioning (Start-UP) services
    Break out the Champagne Bottle! It is time to put your new equipment into service. Flowe Nitrogen can be present to start up the equipment for the first time and make the necessary adjustments to fine tune the system and to ensure that everything is operating properly.
  • Preventative maintenance
    We do maintenance agreements with customers to periodically perform preventative maintenance on the equipment. Service intervals are based on manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Troubleshooting Services (Phone & Site)
    If you are having problems with your equipment, Flowe Nitrogen Systems can help. Many times we can pinpoint the issue on the phone. If not, we can come to your location and find the source of the problem(s).
  • Re-build & repair services
    Whether your high pressure gas booster needs rebuilding or your equipment needs repair, we are able to work on a broad variety of equipment.
  • Upgrade system services
    Sometimes it is feasible to upgrade a nitrogen generator to reach a higher purity, to increase flow or both. Most manufacturer’s won’t do this, especially if it is not their brand. Flowe Nitrogen can help!
  • Feasibility Studies
    You may be on a liquid nitrogen contract and want to know whether it would be a good decision to purchase your own nitrogen generating equipment at the end of your contract. We can help you make a well informed decision if you choose to use our services.
  • Energy studies
    Approximately 90% of the life cycle costs of an air compressor is the power to run it. Your choice in the nitrogen purity, operating pressure, compressor type, generator type, all can make a huge difference in your costs of ownership.
  • ROI studies
    If needed, Flowe Nitrogen Systems can provide you with a very accurate return on your investment. We even have a spreadsheet that compares and computes the ROI of the system against a variety of traditional sources of supply; Liquid nitrogen, liquid cylinders, and high pressure gas cylinders on a single page for a quick comparison. All we need is a little input from you and we can provide you with a detailed ROI.