The experience behind the company began in 1981 in the compressed air business, where
extensive hands on and formal training on the design and operating principles of various types
of air compressors, air dryers and other compressed air purification equipment.

1985 – The owner acted on a need he had seen, and began to package this type of equipment
on a common skid that would take what he called an “erector set” of various parts and
equipment and install them, per manufacturer’s recommendations on the common skid, all
interconnected, pre-wired to a common electrical panel. This concept was quite successful, as it
made installation, very simple, less costly, and professionally done for the end user.

1985-2000 – The company grew in its experience designing and building a variety of basic
low pressure (< 200 PSI) systems, to high pressure systems up to 6000 PSI, which included
compressed air and inert gas boosters, low and high pressure nitrogen generators for general
industry and for military use. Some of these systems had elaborate control schemes, which
were some of the more sophisticated systems of their day. The USAF (B2 Stealth Bomber base).
Lockheed-Martin (Foreign F-16) were examples of ground support type nitrogen generators
for the military. Southern Company, for large high pressure oil free packages were designed and built as well as for major companies in the refrigeration and gas assist injection molding industries. The owner, during this time period was a troubleshooter, systems specialist, conducted training for compressed air engineering, performed air system audits, and re- designed customer compressed air systems to eliminate former problems to a properly engineered system that performed to everyone’s expectations.

2000-2009 – Experience grew as the owner worked for a couple of manufacturers who wanted
to be in the nitrogen generation business and worked as the product manager to design,
engineer, train, market, and service various designs of nitrogen generators, for both general
and specific markets. During this time, a lot of custom engineered packages were built, and
products such as membrane and pressure swing (PSA) nitrogen generators were designed and
manufactured. Other special application designs were built for beer gas dispensing, stationary
and portable nitrogen tire inflation machines (for retail and larger systems for trucking were
built. Several prototypes were built including a machine for converting tractor/trailer tires to
nitrogen that would operate in extreme weather conditions.

2009-2011 – Did contracting, consulting for various former customers and employers as a
problem solver, installer and prototyping machinery. Designed and applied for a patent on
a large nitrogen system that had unique controls and filtration processes aimed at a specific
target industry. Over the years, the owner has developed into an accomplished engineer/
designer/marketer/trainer, having developed skills in process and instrumentation design,
power and control circuit design, product selection for specific applications, application
knowledge, troubleshooting skills, as well as commissioning services, repair and overhaul
services. Other skills have been acquired, such as the ability to perform feasibility, energy cost,
total lifetime operation cost, and other ROI studies.

2011 – Started sales and services for nitrogen generators, air compressors, breathing air and
other air purification systems to various industries including military test facilities, natural gas,
general industry, and fire departments for NFPA breathing air.